Generate Text to Image using AI DALL·E

Open your browser and type DALL·E 2 ( and Sign Up.

According to OpenAI’s blog post, users can create with DALL·E using free credits that refill every month,
and buy additional credits in 115-generation increments for $151. According to OpenAI’s help center

DALL·E 2, a newer version of the system introduced by OpenAI.
DALL·E 2 is a 12-billion parameter version of GPT-3
DALL·E 2 was trained using a dataset of text-image pairs.
DALL·E 2 is capable of creating even more realistic images.
The advantage is that this helps with graphic design, advertising, and entertainment.

Type as per your need so I type “Dog eat the mango” and click “Generate”.

Now I type “Pigeon swimming”.

DALL·E also provides to edit the image so first you upload your image. So visit for access directly.

And Done.

DALL·E also provides to find the similarity of the images so upload any image and then click “Generate variations”.

And see the variations.

On the homepage of DALL·E you see lots of images where you find out lots of prompts so for a test I click one of the images to get to know the prompts.

And these are the prompts for generating this realistic image.

In DALL·E we can also create a collection folder so I can save the images whatever I will edit or generate.

Click the save button to save in the folder which you generate or edit.

This is Chinmaya enjoy AI.


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