R80.20 M2 jumbo HotFix Query

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Is this a stable version?

We plane to upgrade MGMT from R77.30 to R80.20 M2.

As per sk137592 (R80.20 Jumbo Hotfix), is this also support in R80.20 M2 as well.

What are the advantage of R80.20 MGMT and also Limitation?

Answer By G_W_Albrecht (Checkmates)

R80.20 M2 is a Management Feature Release, see the Link: Release Notes and Link: Home Page.
Jumbo HFs are NOT supported, see the note on R80.20 M2 Management Feature Release Home Page:

Q: Will a Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator be available for the R80.20 Management Feature Release?

A: Check Point plans on releasing Jumbo Hotfixes only for the main R80.20 Major Release. 

For the R80.20.Mx, Jumbo Hotfix and stability fixes will be included in the next R80.20.Mx version. An exception to this release plan might be made for critical or stability fixes.

NoteR80.20 GA Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator cannot be installed on top of R80.20.Mx release.

Answer By Dorit_Dor (Checkpoint VP)

The M (features releases) are useful as midterm releases for customers that need specific functionality 

For general usage, you should use the main train releases. All R80.20M2 release capabilities are part of R80.30 so use R80.30 and enjoy also the main train jumbo fixes. 


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