HDD (RAID 1) replacement with out need of fresh Installation

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Appliance : 21400

We have Cluster Setup where we face reboot issue in Active Members and during Hardware Diagnostics we find that both HDD was crashed but still its working after making as standby and after making Standby still we not face any issue.

Now we plan to replaced the problamatic HDD.

1) If we replaced one HDD then do we need fresh Installation for this ? OR we can do it without fresh Installation because the HDD in RAID 1 so new HDD one is automatically synchronised.


Kindly help on this I also need to know any device dependency.

Answer by PhoneBoy (Admin,community.checkpoint.com)

When the system is booted, remove the failed disk.

Wait 15 seconds for the system to recognize the disk was removed.

Insert the new disk and it should be automatically added/synced.

You can monitor the status with raid_diagnostic.


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