CoreXL Configuration:OTHER CPU and FWD (Recommended Configuration)

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We are planning to replaced our existing device (12000 SG) with new 26000 Security Gateway.

The existing CoreXL configuration of 26000SG is below

Total CORE with SMT enable72 Core

What is the role of “OTHER” which currently occupied 8 CORE  and why its dynamically allocated ?

Our current running appliance 12000 series will going to replaced with 26000 and currently having below configuration

Total Core: 4

SND Core: 1

CoreXL_FW: 3

BLADE Enabled: IPSec,IPS,AV,ABOT,App and URL(No Https Inspection) (will also enable TE blade after replaced)

Concurrent connection :25000 (In future it will be increase)

Interface: 5 x 1G including sync and Mgmt (It will replace with 3 x10G)

Solution by Valeri (Admin, :-

1. With Kernel Space FW, you can only assign up to 40 cores to FWKs

2. Any manual assignment will disable Dynamic Split. If you want to use DS, do not change the cores assignments

3. DS is helping with dynamic change of SND and FWK assignments, to cope with changing traffic patterns. The only performance impact is improved overall performance of the machine

4. Mind with Hyper-Threading you have 36 real + 36 virtual cores. When assigning cores manually (if you ever go this road), you will need to make sure that each pair of “real + virtual” cores should assume the same role.

Considering all above, and also your limited experience with the matter, I would strongly suggest you going for DS, as the simplest and most universal solution.


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