Configure Jumbo Frames on Check Point Appliance (MTU 9000)

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We are going to configured the jumbo frames in Check Point 5000s appliance which running on R80.30 OS.

Just have a one query :

We have VLAN configured interface so can we only increase the MTU on Physical interface or on each VLAN or both physical and VLAN.

Reply by Chinmaya Naik (Admin, :-

We configured jumbo frames in CP GW with specific VLAN.

Hear we have One BOND interface having multiple VLAN configured so first I try to configure jumbo frames in two physical interface but I am unable to configure because that both interface are part of BOND so later I am enable Jumbo frames on BOND.After that when I checked in each physical interface then its showing that mtu set to 9216.

But again when I checked and found that MTU is not apply on each VLAN which part of the BOND interface.

So again I changed the MTU on specific VLAN and now we successfully configured the jumbo frames on specific VLAN which basically our requirements.

But now as I mentioned earlier that we only change in some of VLAN so then what about the remaining VLAN which part of that particular BOND ?

is there any impact because that remaining VLAN are now still showing MTU 1500 but physical interface having 9216 ?

Reply by Maarten_Sjouw (checkmates member) :-

Each VLAN can have a different MTU, the thing is when you set a interface, bond or physical, to support Jumbo frames by setting the MTU to 9216, you can still have VLANs with a lower MTU value. The only thing is that the physical interface defines the max vaslue for the MTU, meaning you cannot set a VLAN to 9216 with the Bond set to 1500.

Every newly created VLAN with inherit the value from the interface it is created upon.


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